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. >>> ten years ago tonight, john allen and leboyd began their killing spree that claimed ten lives, left three people wounded and the entire washington area in fear for weeks. we are on top of this story all week with interviews from people who played key roles in helping bring this case to a close. we are reconnecting with relatives from that really terrible time in washington. bruce, you had an opportunity to speak with one of the relatives. >> that's right. a part-time b driver here in the washington area. an immigrant from india, who worked two jobs. made big sacrifices to get his son and daughter educated in this country. he was shot and killed as he pumped gas on connecticut avenue on october 3, one of three people killed that morning, a fourth was killed that night. his son, andrew, talked with us this afternoon. >> it's been a long time. we miss my dad. >> give me a memory or thought, what was he like? >> he was a bigger guy. he was a gentle giant. he works hard. i mean, came from another country. he did things me and my sister can't accomplish. he gave us opportunities we co
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1